LAURIER Architectural  has always shown commitment towards sustainability, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for its work force; establishing a natural resource economy program and offering a range of products that can contribute to the obtention of various green building certifications.

LAURIER ARCHITECTURAL is a forerunner in sustainable material transparency, being the first manufacturer of glass products in the province of Quebec to publish its Environmental Data Sheet (EDS), its Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and a “Health Product Declaration® (HPD®)” on monolithic glass, laminated glass and insulating glass.

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Our entire transparency approach was done in collaboration with a third party, Vertima, which in turn granted Eco-Declarations of our products.

Health Product Declaration (HPD®)

The Health Product Declaration® (HPD®) includes a complete list of ingredients contained in a product and their possible effects on health.  This declaration has become the standard in terms of materials transparency for chemicals ingredients contained in the composition of materials.  Products with an HPD report meet the LEED v4, WELL, LBC and GOOGLE certification requirements.


The Environmental Data Sheet (EDS) compiles all of product’s validated environmental information.  It is a summary of the Environmental Product Declaration (EDP) and the Health Product Declaration (HPD).  The information contained must be certified by a third-party validation protocol based on ISO standard 17065.  LAURIER EDS bore the Vertima Eco-Declaration certification logo.


The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is a standardized report of the life cycle analysis of the products. The report must be audited by a third-party under the supervision of an organization called the “Program Operator”. The EDP must meet the environmental requirements of ISO standard 14025 and ISO 21930 or EN 15804.  A revision of the report must be made every five years following an audit.

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